The California Collaborative for Long Term Services and Supports is comprised of 37 statewide aging and disability organizations and 15 local affiliates who work to promote dignity and independence in long-term living. Our members include advocates, providers, labor and health insurers; collectively we represent millions of California seniors and people with disabilities, their caregivers, and those who provide health, human services and housing.

The member organizations of the Collaborative take action on state and federal legislation impacting long-term services and supports, provide feedback to the Administration and public education and perspectives on issues relating to aging and disability policy. The Collaborative has become a place where policymakers from the California Legislature, state and federal agencies, academia and other leaders come to hear the perspectives of interested stakeholders all in one place.

The Collaborative is supported by a grant from The SCAN Foundation - advancing a coordinated and easily navigated system of high-quality services for older adults that preserve dignity and independence. For more information, visit

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